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CCCIL hosts nine trainings to ILC staff through three sets of webinars.

Webinars - 3 sets and 9 trainings hosted.The trainings did not include every ILC at once in order to provide more attention and appropriate amount of time for questions and answers. Each webinar broadcasted three times and was directed to ILCs in the northern, central and southern locations of the state. The webinars were interactive, accessible online meetings where ILC staff received information via the internet. 

October 2010 Series:

The first webinar topic educated ILCs about TBI and brought in TBI survivors to provide the consumer perspective.  The webinar also provided training on the barriers and needs facing TBI survivors and families.

April 2011 Series:

The second webinar topic educated ILCs about the VA services and system, including the case management approach that is used.  The webinar covered how to increase and coordinate cross-referral between veterans’ service organizations and ILCs. The webinar also included the perspective of veterans with TBI and their VA experiences.

June 2011 Series:

The third webinar topic covered providing accessible services to people with TBI, including veterans.  There was a focus on using IL philosophy with TBI survivors and how to incorporate ILCs’ core services, including self-advocacy and systems change when serving TBI survivors, including veterans.