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Tired of printing out pages with the right margin chopped off?

Before you print out the page, click on File, then Print Preview. If you can see that you'll lose the right margin, then go back a step and click on File, then Page Layout. Change the page orientation from portrait to landscape, and perhaps even extend the margins a bit. Now print.

Want to save ink and printing time or, conversely, do you want to print out background images and wallpaper?

Then turn on or turn off "Print Background Colors and Images." In Internet Explorer, this is under Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. In Netscape, it's under Print Preview/Page Setup. In Opera, it's under File/Print Options.

Experiencing difficulty accessing information on our website?

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Please contact the Web Master if you encounter any difficulties. If you can be as specific as possible concerning which pages or sections presented problems for you, this will greatly assist us in resolving any issues.


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