Browser Help: Tune-up your Web Browser (Page 3 of 4)

Get More Out of Your Browser

Whatever Web browsing technology you use, it's a good idea to check for updates a couple of times a year. Newer browsers tend to load Web pages more quickly and to provide more features that allow users to customize viewing and printing preferences.

How to Check Your Browser Version

Look at the top of the browser screen. Above the buttons will be a series of menus, and at the far right is one entitled, "Help." Click on that and go to the bottom menu item. Depending on your browser, it will read something like, "About Internet Explorer," "About Communicator," or "About Opera." Click on that item, and the next screen will show you what version you have. Often, if you are using an older version, the screen will include a link to check for updates.

Make Your Browser Work for You

Most all browsers allow you to adjust the settings in your browser to optimize your Web experience. The specifics of each scenario below will vary among browsers, but the principles are common to all.

Text too small and hard to read - or too large and clunky?

Look at the top of the browser screen. The second or third item from the left will be titled View. Click on this and look at the pull-down menu: in Internet Explorer, click on Text Size; in Netscape, click on Text Zoom; in Opera, click on Zoom. Generally, too, the text size you view is also the size that will be printed.

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