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Alternative methods to browse the Web

A browser is the software that enables you to see or hear Web pages. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari and Opera are popular graphical browsers, and Lynx is a well known text browser. Many individuals who are blind or have impaired vision surf the Web by using screen readers such as Jaws, Window-Eyes, IBM Home Page Reader and Hal, to name a few.

Designed with Usability and Accessibility in Mind

This site has been designed with the intention that all users should be able to read or listen to its content regardless of their Web browsing device. Unfortunately, graphical browsers still do not behave identically.

There is no sure-fire browser guaranteed to render pages as designed without crashing. Selecting the right browser depends primarily on your operating system (Microsoft Windows, Macintosh or Linux).

The list of browsers that follows is intended to serve as a starting point and should not be considered comprehensive. Macintosh users, particularly those using OSX and newer, definitely will want to download a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, as this is not being supported on these operating systems.

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